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From:Warren Young Date:December 22 2006 11:51am
Subject:Re: Buffer Problems?
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David Della Vecchia wrote:
> The problem is: This loop runs every 5 seconds and my intention is to 
> write to a file the results of the query each iteration, however, this 
> file keeps growing bigger and bigger instead of being truncated to 0 
> each time and starting over from scratch. 

I don't see how this can be a MySQL++ problem, since MySQL++ doesn't 
deal in files.

Why don't you try removing all the MySQL++ stuff, and then just writing 
random data to the file where you'd normally insert data from the result 
set?  Keep the loop structure, build options, etc. the same.  What happens?

If you still get the same bug, can you please recast the program in 
terms of the sample database, so people can try it on their machines?
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