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From:Matt Dargavel Date:December 19 2006 9:21am
Subject:RE: error C2065: 'ulong' : undeclared identifier
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I've had a bit of a look in to this.  Line 165 in the version I have out of
svn is the line after the one James mentioned:

From line 162 onwards:
#if MYSQL_VERSION_ID >= 40101
	if (option_pending(opt_multi_statements, true)) {

In version 4.1 of MySQL, CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS is defined as 65536 in
mysql_com.h.  However several of the types in mysql_com.h were defined as
ulong, and you get James' error if you use these types in connection.cpp.
As James is using MySQL 5, I suspect that the type of
CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS has changed to be something like ((ulong)65536).

It looks like ulong is defined in my_global.h, and according to the MySQL
you need to include my_global.h before mysql.h on Windows.  Unfortunately,
if you do that you get a lot of errors about types etc already being
defined.  That's about as far as I've got with the issue...

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> Subject: Re: error C2065: 'ulong' : undeclared identifier
> james pruett wrote:
> > 1>.\connection.cpp(165) : error C2065: 'ulong' : undeclared
> identifier
> I don't know how you managed to get that error.  The text "ulong"
> doesn't appear in connection.cpp or in connection.h.  Line 165 is a
> call
> to Lockable::lock(), which also has no "ulong" in it.
> Are you certain that you are compiling what you think you are
> compiling?
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