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From:don thompson Date:December 15 2006 3:23pm
Subject:Re: sql_create_x and Type issues
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I have used sql_create_x for many, many months without problems.  I
think it's central to mysql++.
I believe you need to change your third parameter to 3.   I think this
must match the x in sql_create_x.  See docs.
good luck,  Don

Dan Wez wrote:

>I have been searching for the past 3 days for an answer to my problem but can't seem
> to find an answer: while running: #include <mysql++.h>#include <custom.h>
> sql_create_3(user,                   1, 0,                   mysqlpp::sql_int, id,        
>           mysqlpp::sql_varchar, username,                   mysqlpp::sql_varchar, pin) I
> receive this error: g++ -I/usr/local/mysql-current/include/mysql
> -I/usr/local/include/mysql++ mysql++example.cpp -o mysqlex -lmysqlppIn file included from
> mysql++example.cpp:9:util.cpp: In function `void print_stock_row(const mysqlpp::Row&,
> int)':util.cpp:178: error: conversion from `const mysqlpp::ColData' to non-scalar type
> `mysqlpp::sql_varchar' requestedutil.cpp:180: error: invalid initialization of reference
> of type 'const mysqlpp::sql_char&' from expression of type 'int'util.h:44: error: in
> passing argument 1 of `void print_info_row(const mysqlpp::sql_char&,
> mysqlpp::sql_bigint, mysqlpp::sql_double, mysqlpp::sql_double, const
> mysqlpp::sql_date&)' Trying to get this to work has been a huge hassle. Please help
> me! Thanks. Dan
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