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From:Warren Young Date:November 28 2006 12:12am
Subject:Re: how to install mysql++
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Ooi Wai Weiy wrote:
> what you mean by either of sorce packages?

Have you visited ?  Right up at the top, 
in the section "Source Code", you will find two packages.  One is a 
.tar.gz file, the other is a .src.rpm file.  Pick one.  If you can't 
decide between them, we are not set up here to teach you how.  Join a 
Unix/Linux programming mailing list or something.

> related department in my company and they open  a server for me. and i 
> found out that they don't install MySQL++, just only MySQL C API.

This list is only for MySQL++ questions.  Questions about the C API 
belong on the main MySQL list.

> my g++ version is 2.95.3? can i donwload the related MySQL++ online and 
> install it? which version of MySQL++ should i install?

The only version that will work out of the box with that compiler is the 
ancient v1.7.9 version, but I really wouldn't recommend it to a new 
user.  I only keep that around for people who have old code they still 
need to support, so they already know the old MySQL++ quirks and 
problems.  If you cannot upgrade to a reasonably modern version of GCC, 
I would recommend that you stick to the C API.
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