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From:Ooi Wai Weiy Date:November 22 2006 11:38pm
Subject:Re: how to install mysql++
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what you mean by either of sorce packages? i am not administrator for MySQL 
since it was not installed by me. i just apply an account from the related 
department in my company and they open  a server for me. and i found out 
that they don't install MySQL++, just only MySQL C API.

my g++ version is 2.95.3? can i donwload the related MySQL++ online and 
install it? which version of MySQL++ should i install?

>From: Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped>
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>To: MySQL++ Mailing List <plusplus@stripped>
>Subject: Re: how to install mysql++
>Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 06:32:21 -0700
>Ooi Wai Weiy wrote:
>>which version of mysql++ should i download and install?
>Either of the source packages: the .tar.gz, or the .src.rpm.
>>In file included from fields.h:32,
>>                 from result.h:34,
>>                 from query.h:37,
>>                 from ./connection.cpp:32:
>>resiter.h:120: no class template named `iterator' in `std'
>This suggests you're using an old version of g++.  It needs to be at least 
>3.0, and preferably 3.3 or newer.
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