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From:Gary Anderson Date:November 20 2006 6:06pm
Subject:Autoincrement results in a 0 value
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I have the same table defined in multiple catalogs.  The table contains 
a primary key that is set to auto-increment.  In some of the tables, 
auto-increment works fine.  In certain others, the table column that 
should be auto-incrementing returns a 0 value.  Can anyone help?  The 
tables are ISAM. 

The table definition is:  "CREATE TABLE version (refNo BIGINT NOT NULL 
AUTO_INCREMENT,  revYear INT NOT NULL, sequence INT NOT NULL,  revDate 
DATETIME,  PRIMARY KEY (refNo), INDEX dateIdx(revDate),  INDEX serNoIdx 
(sequence))  ENGINE = MYISAM  CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci


Autoincrement results in a 0 valueGary Anderson20 Nov
  • Re: Autoincrement results in a 0 valueWarren Young20 Nov