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From:Mathieu Pagé Date:November 19 2006 10:21pm
Subject:Re: Exception of type std::length_error
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Warren Young a écrit :
> Mathieu Pagé wrote:
>> I looked at simple.cpp and tried to do the same thing in my code 
>> (using "res.fetch_row()") and I got the same error. 
> Yes, I realized after I sent it that the simple*.cpp examples all turn 
> off exceptions.  I didn't post about that because I wasn't sure it 
> mattered, and didn't have time to test it.  Sorry for the hassle.

Thanks anyway for trying to help. It was appreciated.

It turns out I was not using the right mysql++.lib files. I was using a 
release one to link into a debug executable. That's what caused the 
exception, probably because the object structures were differents 
between a realease and debug build.
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