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From:Mathieu Pagé Date:November 14 2006 1:29am
Subject:Re: Exception of type std::length_error
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Warren Young a écrit :
> Mathieu Pagé wrote:
>> <code>
>> mysqlpp::Row row;
>> mysqlpp::Row::size_type i;
>> for (i = 0; row =; ++i)
>>   cout << <<endl;
>> </code>
>> however I get an length_error exception on "row =".
> I think you're expecting Row::at() to return false (or, rather, an 
> object that can be converted to false) when you walk off the end of 
> the result set.  MySQL++ doesn't do that sort of thing, by design.  It 
> signals errors with exceptions, just as you saw.
> That is the fall-back behavior when you turn off exceptions, however. 
> Read the user manual for details.
> You might also look at examples/simple3.cpp.  It operates in a way 
> very similar to what you're doing, without needing special treatment.  
> It does that by using a different type of query than you are using.
Hi M. Young

Thanks you for your answer.

I looked at simple.cpp and tried to do the same thing in my code (using 
"res.fetch_row()") and I got the same error. Actually I just realised, 
looking at the stack trace when the error occurs, that the exception is 
trown during the execution of the operator= function that copy the row.

I also tried to execute example/resetdb tonight and it raise an 
exception too. Maybe there is a problem with my compiled version of MySQL++.
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