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From:Warren Young Date:October 25 2006 12:10pm
Subject:Re: Using MySQL++ in Your Own Projects
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Klemen Dovrtel wrote:
> I read in readme file that i should "Add a .cpp file
> to the solution so it _knows_ it's a C/C++
> solution."....Which .cpp file is that?

It doesn't matter.  If you don't have one, make an empty one.  The point 
is, VC++ isn't smart enough to understand that a project is a C++ 
project if there are no files with a .cpp extension in it, so it won't 
show the C++ configuration options.

> I copied the
> lib directory to my project, 

That should not be necessary.  You can reference the built MySQL++ 
library anywhere on the hard drive.

> i copied util.h 

That's only used by the examples.  The only headers you need are in the 
lib subdir.

i got no errors during compiling, but i get
> a lot of linking errors. 

Did you add the MySQL++ library to the list of libraries linked to the 
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