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From:Brian Campbell Date:October 4 2006 3:00pm
Subject:Connection Timeouts
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Hi all,

What's the best way to set connection timeouts to a long value (an hour or 
more)?  I've got code that creates a group of connections and set the 
timeout for each one to a large value (3600, 36000, etc).  I put these 
connection in a pool and hand them out when needed.  Before I hand out the 
connection, I call the ping() method.  The ping() method returns non-zero on 
all my connections after a minute or two.  So I have to drop the connections 
and recreate new ones (which defeats the point of having a pool).  I 
actually set the connection value twice (each has the same value) when I 
create the connection.  I call set_option( opt_connect_timeout, 360000 ) 
after I create the connection object.  I also pass in 360000 as the timeout 
value to the connect() method.  Neither of these seem to have an effect on 
the timeout behavior.  Any help is appreciated.



Brian E Campbell

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