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From:Carlos Flores Date:October 4 2006 2:42pm
Subject:Re: mysql++ memory usage
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I can tell you that it is mostly related to the C or C++ runtime, both 
of them are known, in many compilers, for not freeing resources they 
have made, for example mingw C++ runtime libstdc++ does not free 
deallocated string memory until he wants, which can be a lot of time 
after, what you can do is move the conecction, the query creation  and 
the inster query outside the loop, also try using a template query for 
that, so you only need to give the changed arguments

Alex Burton wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a simple logging application that needs to be able to run unattended and
> reliably for as long as possible. 
> The memory that it uses is increasing as it runs.
> Here is an simplified example that reproduces the problem.
> int main()
> {
> 		while (true)
> 		{
> 			Connection c;
> 			c.connect("database","localhost","user","pass");
> 			Query q = c.query();
> 			q << "INSERT INTO table_name (field_1 , field_2) VALUES ( 1 , 2 ) ;";
> 			q.execute();
> 		}
> }
> This memory usage of this program gradually rises over time, and has reached tens of
> megabytes.
> It makes no difference if I move the connection out of the loop.
> I don't think that it is a memory 'leak' as leak detectors can't find any leaks.
> Is this normal ?
> Alex

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