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From:Warren Young Date:October 4 2006 1:11pm
Subject:Re: mysql++ memory usage
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Bill K wrote:
> Look at this thread for more info on it: 
> Has anyone else had time to look into this memory leak? I barely have 
> time to read these emails, these days. =)

I read back through that thread, and saw why I forgot about this 
issue...this post settled the issue for me:

Do you not find that convincing?

Whether memory usage increases in this situation isn't in question. 
Whose fault it is is the question.  Matt seems to think it's the CRT, 
and I don't see a reason to argue.

That said, I proposed a bunch of tests in that thread that didn't get 
done.  (Try different compilers, try v2.0.0, etc.)  So, we're not 
operating on complete data here.
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