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From:gani b. c. Date:October 2 2006 8:11am
Subject:mysqlpp and wchar_t problem
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i have a problem using Query class from mysqlpp with wchar_t. i hope
somebody can help me with this.
i want to insert unicode to table.

here is the sample code

	mysqlpp::Connection con( "test", "localhost",  "test", "" );
	mysqlpp::Query query = con.query();
	char *		test = "abcdefghij";
	wchar_t *	wtest = L"abcdefghij";

	query << "INSERT INTO tes VALUES( '" << test << "')";

	query << "INSERT INTO tes VALUES( '" << wtest << "')";

the char test will gave the right result, 'abcdefghij' inserted to db.
but the wchar_t wtest not give the right result, the record filled with
it seems Query not welcome unicode.
so how can I insert unicode using mysqlpp??


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