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From:Jim Wallace Date:September 29 2006 12:24pm
Subject:RE: Mysql++ list post
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You can use COALESCE( age, 0 ) as age to have it return 0 instead of
null in the query.  

Since SQLSS doesn't support NULL, I never return them, even on outer
joins.  Our DBA says NULLable columns are slower anyway in MySQL. 

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Urscheler, Roger (COM Chantry CA) wrote:
> I have a table 'Person' with column 'age' that allows NULL. How can I 
> use SSQLS to read that table and return '0' for age if age is 'NULL'?

Search the list: there is a thread about this giving a patch, and an
explanation of why you won't see it in the main distribution anytime
soon.  (Short version: you have to break the ABI to fix this, so we
can't do it until v3.0, and there are many other things I want to get to
before that.)

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