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From:m.mescoli Date:September 28 2006 2:51pm
Subject:Teaching mysql ... 2
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>> Bill K wrote:
>> You probably want the regular MySql C API.

>Yup.  MySQL++ is known not to work with the old Borland C++ line of

>Alternately, the original poster can switch to g++, a compiler that
>actually has a future...  :)

It is true.
Attempt to use regular MySql C API without success with Borland 5.02. I
cannot compile also the most simple example of the official source
distribuited with mysql daemon inst.

Is g++ the linux C compiler ? My attempt to introduce linux in my school
is, unfortunately, impraticable for more reason.
Suggestion for any C, C++ environment to use with XP to develop with
students (16-19 years old)?

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