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From:Warren Young Date:September 27 2006 1:04am
Subject:Re: Can/should this be added to MySQL++?
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Jim Langston wrote:
>    SetOffset( "Race", *reinterpret_cast<unsigned int*>( &Base->Race )
> );


The need for reinterpret_cast alone is a deal-killer for me.  This is 
one of the reasons I don't like to use raw C.

>    if ( ! PlayerTable.LoadTable( "Name", "Serpardum" ) )
>        std::cout << "Serpardum not found" << std::endl;
>    else
>        PlayerTable.OutputMapByColumn();
>    PlayerTable >> Player;

I guess I'm not studying your code closely enough, because I don't see 
what you're doing here that can't be done with SSQLS.

> I also allow
>   PlayerTable << Player;
> to set the fields in the table so I can .update() or .insert() them.

The only difference between this and SSQLS is that you are inserting 
into a table object, whereas you insert into a query object with SSQLS. 
  Six of one, half a dozen of the other as far as I can tell.

> How hard would it be to implement this in MySQL++ if it even should?

It seems to me that you're trying to reinvent SSQLS.  What isn't clear 
to me yet is that you've done it better.
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