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From:Gary Anderson Date:September 26 2006 2:29pm
Subject:Re: Install issue on SLES-10
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Sorry for the lack of information.  I had actually run the full make, 
then make install.  When I tried to run make install again, the response 
was that nothing needed to be done, as expected.  The library was 
actually installed in /usr/local/lib.  Apparently it did not get on some 
type of configuration list for the dynamic library loader.  That is the 
issue I am trying to solve. 

Your suggestion of the LD_LIBRARY_PATH worked temporarily, but I need to 
make that configuration permanent on the system.  Do you have any 

Warren Young wrote:

> Gary Anderson wrote:
>> when I try to run the examples, I get the error that 
>> cannot be found.
> You probably haven't installed the library yet.  The examples and the 
> library are in separate subdirectories, and Linux's dynamic library 
> loader doesn't know where to find it.  Linux will only look in a few 
> very specific places for the library, and ../lib is not one of them.  :)
> If you want to test the library before you formally install it, use a 
> command like this:
> $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../lib ./simple1 localhost someuser hispassword
> That clues the dynamic loader that ../lib should also be searched for 
> libraries.
> Otherwise, just install the library, and the examples should run 
> without any jiggery-pokery.

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