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From:Ankur G35 Saxena Date:September 16 2006 7:44am
Subject:Does MySQL++ Lib needs to be recompiled with -pthread for Multithreading?
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Hi I am using MySQL++ extensively in my code and I just made some
modifications which now uses a ton of stl maps and vectors and strings.

When I first did this, my code would core dump and after doing some research
it turns out, that STL is not thread safe and i need to compile my code with
-pthread, so I did and got rid of that problem.

Now I have a different one. It seems like my string memory is getting
corrupted and is happening after the first use of mysql++ lib calls like
connect, checking teh DB etc. I dont think they are directly related, as I
am not doing anything different. This doesnt happen all the time, but when i
print something out of my MAP after a mysqlpp call, some parts of it print
out incorrectly with ctrl chars etc. I havent been able to pin point to
mysqlpp lib, but do you think i need to recompile the code of mysql++ to be
-pthread safe so that my full application becomes pthread safe?


Does MySQL++ Lib needs to be recompiled with -pthread for Multithreading?Ankur G35 Saxena16 Sep
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