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From:Martin C. Mueller Date:September 14 2006 1:55pm
Subject:Re: Build problems with VC2005
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> From: Warren YoungDate: September 12 2006 6:07pm
> Subject: Re: Build problems with VC2005
> Shigeya Suzuki wrote:
>> Is there anyone having similar problem?
> There are several people having problems with 5.0.24.  I don't yet know 
> what they changed or what the complete scope of the problem is. 
> Honestly, since I have no good reason to run 5.0 here, I haven't had a 
> good excuse to try and find the problem.  If you want it fixed before I 
> get that motivation, you're going to have to investigate it yourself.

My investigation showed, that 

1) With mysql 5.0 you're supposed to include my_global.h before mysql.h (see A "typedef unsigned
long ulong" is contained in there, conditioned for MS VC.

2) If you do that with mysql++, MSVC .NET 2003 seems to prematurely instantiate a lot of
templates which are later specialized. Which templates these are depend on the sequence of

3) I solved the problem for now by putting "typedef unsigned long ulong" into mysql++'s

The examples all seem to run fine.

Just my 2pc,

Martin C. Müller
Siemens AG, Corporate Technology
Combinatorial Optimization, CT SE 6
Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, D-81730 München

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