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From:Warren Young Date:September 5 2006 8:59pm
Subject:Re: ssqls blob ColData size bug status request
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Troutman, Andrew T CIV NAVAIR wrote:
> I'm wondering if this issue has been fixed. 

The Changelog would say so if it had been fixed.

> IF this is still an outstanding problem, what are my options?

a) fix it yourself and send in the patch
b) wait for someone else to get around to fixing it; in the meantime, 
don't use SSQLS to access blobs

If you're tempted to go for option B, beware that there are several 
other pitfalls with blobs right now.  This isn't one problem, it's a 
whole family of problems with a common root.  See the Wishlist in the 
svn repo for my current thoughts on how to fix this.  If you plan on 
tackling the problem, let me know, because it's going to be a lot of 
effort to fix it, and I'd hate there to be duplicate work going on.
ssqls blob ColData size bug status requestAndrew T CIV NAVAIR Troutman1 Sep
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