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From:Warren Young Date:August 31 2006 9:07pm
Subject:Re: Install problem under Cygwin: Can't find libmysqlpp.dll.a
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Jared Miller wrote:
> Is this a bug in the makefile or have I not set things 
> up correctly? 

It's either an Autoconf bug or a bad interaction between Bakefile and 
Autoconf.  That is, either Bakefile is passing the right info to 
Autoconf when building the Makefile.ins and Autoconf isn't doing the 
right thing with it, or Bakefile isn't passing the right info.

Honestly, I don't particularly care about the Cygwin use case with 
MySQL++ due to licensing issues, so if you want a quick resolution to 
the issue, you're going to have to chase it yourself using this new 
info.  I can be a sounding board for your investigations, but you're 
going to have to run with it.

If you're making closed-source software and haven't bought a commercial 
license for Cygwin from Red Hat, you should be using another compiler 
suite anyway.  Visual C++ is by far preferred, but MinGW is approaching 
usability with MySQL++ lately.
Install problem under Cygwin: Can't find libmysqlpp.dll.aJared Miller31 Aug
  • Re: Install problem under Cygwin: Can't find libmysqlpp.dll.aWarren Young31 Aug