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From:Shigeya Suzuki Date:August 31 2006 6:30pm
Subject:a new query inside a result loop and exception
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I have two questions...

I'm writing a code something like this:

   create query
   run query using use()

   while (mysqlpp::Row row = res.fetch_row()) {
         try {
           {{create and exec a stored procedure here}}
	 catch (...) {

I created two different connection object and use them for the loop and
for the inner execution.

Now, when the inner query (actually, executing a stored procedure to add
a record to two tables) fail and raise an exception, while trying to
unwind stack frame, program stuck at following read().. following is the
stack trace of the moment.

#0  0x900108c7 in read ()
#1  0x00431092 in vio_read_buff ()
#2  0x004323f8 in my_real_read ()
#3  0x004325db in my_net_read ()
#4  0x0042c0b9 in net_safe_read ()
#5  0x0042c1cf in cli_flush_use_result ()
#6  0x0042c248 in mysql_free_result ()
#7  0x00479c42 in mysqlpp::ResUse::purge ()
#8  0x0040e4c6 in mysqlpp::ResUse::~ResUse ()
#9  0x0000590c in CDBSupport_MySQL::DoEtherFrameScanByCondition
(this=0x1100a60, ef=0xbffff858, where=@0xbffff53c, orderby=@0xbffff538)
at db_support_mysql.cpp:276
#10 0x00024a69 in CDBSupport::EtherFrameScanByCondition (ef=0xbffff858,
where=@0xbffff53c, orderby=@0xbffff538) at db_support.h:118
#11 0x0000c723 in CSource_DB_EtherFrame::ScanByCondition
(this=0xbffff858, where=@0xbffff53c, order=@0xbffff538) at
#12 0x0000c85c in CSource_DB_EtherFrame::ScanBySourceID
(this=0xbffff858, source=1) at source_db_etherframe.cpp:26
#13 0x000029e9 in MyEtherSessionScanner::Scan (this=0xbffff854,
file=@0xbffff85c) at ipv4index.cpp:80
#14 0x00002b15 in main (ac=1, av=0xbffff8ec) at ipv4index.cpp:112

It looks like trying to free ResUse object but no luck.

Now, questions:

1) Why this is happening?

2) Is there any way to exec a stored procedure, while reading result
using fetch_row() other than using two connections like this?

I'm currently using MySQL 5.0.24 on MacOS X, but by some reason, I built
 binary by myself. (via ported NetBSD Package) Both client program and
server run on same box. I will try on NetBSD too, but I doubt OS is the
source of problem..

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