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From:Gary Anderson Date:August 24 2006 11:41pm
Subject:MSoft install batch file error
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Found a little problem with the Windows install.bat file.  The first few 
lines are:

@echo off
if "%1" == "" goto error

set BASE_DIR=c:\mysql++
set INST_INC_DIR=%BASE_DIR%\include

The error lines are:
echo usage: install [subdir]
echo     Installs MySQL++ into the given subdirectory of %BASE_DIR%

As it stands, %BASE_DIR% is not defined before the error is called, so 
the error doesn't output what is expected.  I suggest moving the 
definitions up before the test to see if a parameter has been input.  I 
would also suggest that the information line be:
echo    Installs MySQL++ library files in debug and release subfolders 
of %BASE_DIR%\[subdir].

MSoft install batch file errorGary Anderson25 Aug
  • Re: MSoft install batch file errorWarren Young25 Aug