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From:Matt Dargavel Date:August 17 2006 9:25am
Subject:RE: Trouble finding mysqlpp.dll under VS 2005
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You also need the dll in the environment path in order to run the

If you're running the app from within VS you should be able to set this in
the project settings.  Project->Properties and then the Configuration
Properties->Debugging section.  Set the 'Environment' bit to be
PATH=%PATH%;<directory to dll> .  You probably want to set 'Merge
Environment' to yes as well.

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From: Gary Anderson [mailto:ganderson@stripped] 
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Subject: Trouble finding mysqlpp.dll under VS 2005

I've installed MySQL++ 2.1.1.  Following the directions in readme.vs, I
think I have the library properly configured.  Both debug and release
versions build fine.  I created a new project and tried to build sample1.
The application builds fine, but on execution I get the error "This
application has failed to start because mysqlpp.dll was not found.
Re-installing the application may fix this problem.  As far as I can tell,
the Additional Library Directories values are properly set for both mysql++
and mysql.  Can someone provide additional guidance?

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