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From:Chris \(Clu\) Miller Date:July 25 2006 10:09pm
Subject:RE: Issue with sql_create
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I'll give compiling some of the examples a go.

Seems to me like it really is something in the way I have my project set up
since I've pretty much copied and pasted every example I could find into my
code with no success.

I'll scrutinize the example projects and make sure I don't have something
gummed up somewhere.

Thanks!  :)


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From: Warren Young [mailto:mysqlpp@stripped] 
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Subject: Re: Issue with sql_create

Chris (Clu) Miller wrote:
> sql_create_2(player,
>         1,2,
>         string, player_name,
>         string, player_pass)

This code's legal...I just dropped it into custom1.cpp and it compiled 
fine.  Try that on your end, just to be sure.

If it compiles in custom1.cpp, something's wrong with your project, or 
the build settings.  For instance, are you sure you don't have a struct 
or class player somewhere else in your project?  Anything like that 
could cause this sort of problem.

If it doesn't build in custom1.cpp....well, that would be weird.  VC++ 
2003 hasn't generally had problems with SSQLS.

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