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From:christophe guerber Date:July 24 2006 10:20am
Subject:RE : Re: bound between SSQLS structure name and table name
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Hi Warren,

> Yes.  My own code does this regularly.  I don't
> understand why you bring
> _names into this at all.

My first try was to use the MYSQLPP_SSQLS_NO_STATICS
macro to avoid the _table definition. But this also
removes the _name definition part. That's why I
mentioned it.

> You simply assign the underlying SQL table
> name to MyClassName::_table early in the program's
> execution.  It's no more difficult than that.

Ok, this works well. Nevertheless, from a theoretical
point of view, I would prefer not to change the value
of a static member from outside the class (even within
one of its children).

Another way (I actually use this now), is to use name
spaces. In the following example, whatever::Person is
the SSQLS structure and Person is the exported class
with all the nice method I want to have.
namespace whatever {
class Person : private whatever::Person {
    void NiceMethod();
    void VeryCoolMethod();
Thanks for the response.


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