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From:Alex Burton Date:July 21 2006 7:33am
Subject:Bug in const ColData Row::at(size_type i) const
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Hi all,

I have traced a problem with blobs to this function
const ColData Row::at(size_type i) const

In this function, A ColData object is constructed from c_str() of the fields data.
When the fields data contains a null character, the resulting ColData object will not
contain the entire data of the field.

The problem is that ColData expects to be able to be constructed given a pointer to
characters. It needs a length too because valid data can contain a null character.

There is no way to access the full data in this situation.
This function
const char* raw_data(int i) const
can let you access the data but you don't know how long it is.

I have made the following modification:

Added this to Row :

	const std::string & raw_string(int i) const
		return data_[i];

This solves my problem, for the moment but doesn't fix the problem,
All of the functions that return ColData from Row have truncated data.

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