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From:christophe guerber Date:July 11 2006 10:00am
Subject:bound between SSQLS structure name and table name
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I'm using MySQL++ since some weeks and really enjoy
the nice SSQLS features. That's really a nice thing! I
applied the Null type patch and a personal one (to add
a sql_cmp(const Null<T>&a,const Null<T> &b) function).
But (as there must be something wrong! ;) ), is there
a way to change the _table value without having to
define the other static attributes, like _names?
Actually, sql_create_n macros make a bound between the
name of the structure it generates, and the name of
the underlying database table. IMHO, this should be
avoid, as one may want to have this class with a
different name. As an exemple, lets take the Person
table. I would like to have a Person class that
heritates from a sql_create kind of structure and
implements some other methods. If I use sql_create as
is, Person have to be the name of my sql_create
structure and I have to use a different name for my
other class.
Any idea on how to handle this?

Best regards,


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