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From:Jim Langston Date:July 1 2006 12:10am
Subject:Re: MySQL++ can be frustrating
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On 6/30/06, Carlos Flores <cafg10@stripped> wrote:
> Jim Langston wrote:
> > I compile the examples and after recompiling the libraries and
> > redirecting
> > where the .lib files are, I get it to work.
> >
> > So then I am working on my own program, bring in an example and it's
> > crashing on
> > query.storein(res);
> >
> > I copy the debug libraries from both mysql++ and mysql into the source
> > file,
> > same thing.  copy the release files, it just crashes differently.
> >
> > This is highly frustrating.  If the libraries work for some source they
> > would work for the EXACT same source in another directory.
> >
> What compiler did you used? which runtime are you using? maybe is a
> memory issue, it happened to me twice, conflict between msvcrt.dll (used
> by mingw), msvcrt71 and msvcrt80.dll (last used by VC++ 2003 and 2005
> repectively), my VC build enviroment was messed up because i installed
> msvc 2003 toolkit and VC Express 2005 and changed some linker options so
> everybody linked against the wrong library.

I'm using Microst Visual C++ .net 2003

Here's the thing that's frustrating me.  When I first installed MySQL I was
getting this type of error and had to recompile the libraries, and then they
worked fine.

I'm copying the .libs and .dlls directly into the program directory in fact
to make sure it's using the right directories, still with this problem.

I think I'm going to have to search my hard drive for all instances of

and see if I have any that are different.

That is all the libs and dlls I should be concerned with, right?

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