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From:Warren Young Date:June 26 2006 7:06pm
Subject:Re: Segmention fault with several connections
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Drew M. wrote:
> It would appear that the issue isn't so much multiple mysqlpp::Connections
> coexisting, but an issue with the assignment operator.

Yes.  The problem is that it doesn't exist.  :)

With no defined assignment operator, you just get a bitwise copy, which 
is not the right thing with Connection.  You don't want a clone of the 
existing connection down to the bit level, you want a new connection 
with the same parameters.  I've added such semantics to Connection. 
This will appear in the next release of MySQL++.

Tomas, I hope you can find the time to play with the version of MySQL++ 
in the Subversion repository, to see if this works for you, before it 
gets into a release version.
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