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From:Warren Young Date:June 26 2006 2:18pm
Subject:Re: How do I ping a connection?
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Angelo Dipierro wrote:
> I can't access, the 
> linker complains about an unresolved symbol, and in the source code 
> there's no MYSQLPP_EXPORT in front of ping(), so I guess I shouldn't 
> even try to call it :-)

That's just an error.  You will get exactly the symptom you describe if 
you're using Visual C++ and using MySQL++ in a DLL.  If that's your 
situation, I would just add the MYSQLPP_EXPORT declaration and rebuild 
the library.  You should also do it for Connection::api_version().

This will be fixed in the next version.

If you're on some other platform, then I'll need more details to know 
what's going wrong.
How do I ping a connection?Angelo Dipierro26 Jun
  • Re: How do I ping a connection?Warren Young26 Jun