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From:Warren Young Date:June 23 2006 5:22am
Subject:Re: bugs in platform.h
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Skipy Rich wrote:
> Workaround: include <mysql_version.h> before that directive.


> Workaround:
> #if ((MYSQL_VERSION_ID >= 40103) && (MYSQL_VERSION_ID <= 49999)) ||
> (MYSQL_VERSION_ID >= 50001)


> Too inaccurate work :(

Sigh...your efforts are appreciated, but you're not going to ingratiate 
yourself with the community on effort alone.  A good attitude helps, too.

If you find a bug, just explain the problem and provide a fix.  As 
you've seen, if it's a legitimate fix and I agree with how it's done, 
it'll get applied.  It's as simple as that.  There's no need to insult 
me and the rest of us who have worked on MySQL++ for free for your 
benefit when you report the bug.
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