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From:Warren Young Date:June 23 2006 5:11am
Subject:Re: MySQL++: Result()/ResUse() copy constructor
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Steven Van Ingelgem wrote:
> Result b = a;
> Then exceptions are enabled again in 'b'. I understand people might want 
> to work with exceptions, but is this not a flaw in the design?

Not a flaw in the design, a flaw in the implementation.  Submit a patch, 
or wait for it to be fixed.  Thanks for the bug report.

> If you have a connections where the exceptions are disabled, and you 
> create a query and stuff... And then you store (like the example above), 
> the Result you get back have exceptions enabled again... Which is a 
> little unlogical as well...

Yes, the flag is supposed to propagate from any parent to any child that 
understands the exception flag.  Same advice as above.
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