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From:Warren Young Date:June 23 2006 5:06am
Subject:Re: How insert and read Audio/Vedio/Image in MySQL
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Hrishikesh Hemade wrote:
> Need help in instering and reading audio,vedio and image files in
> mysql database.Can any one help me on this?

See the examples. load_file and cgi_image do exactly what you're asking.

I can understand putting small images in a database, but *video*?  Are 
you sure you know what a database is designed for?  A typical digital 
video file is a multi-gigabyte block of unnormalized data.  Read any 
database design book if you don't know why that is bad.  Even if you 
don't care about that, how will you query it?  I guarantee you:

	mysqlpp::Row row = query.execute();

will blow up on almost any current machine when one of the fields holds 
a few gigabytes.

My company makes digital video servers, and we keep the videos in the 
regular filesystem, using the database server just to store information 
about the videos.
How insert and read Audio/Vedio/Image in MySQLHrishikesh Hemade22 Jun
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