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From:Jim Langston Date:June 21 2006 6:51am
Subject:Large class to table
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I have a few large classes which I wish to save to a MySQL table.  Currently
I am saving them to flat files using override>> and override<< with streams.

By large I mean 47+ variables/fields.

I'm trying to determine the best way to do this using MySQL++.  I've been
looking at SSQLS but think it would be a real pain to maintain.

I really didn't see an override for >> or << in the documentation, but I may
have just missed is.  Is there an override that will let me do something

  con.something() << Field1 << field2 << field3 << field4;
  con.insert(); // or something

  con.something() >> Field1 >> field2 >> field3 >> field;

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