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From:Rieu Nicolas Date:June 16 2006 8:24am
Subject:Destruction of the Connection fails
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I've got the same problem than mazah_82

At the end of the block, the program doesn't terminate correctly:
The program displays (cout)
But it stops before displaying 3

Here is my code:
  Connection & conn = BdParam::getConnexion(); // see later: I explain how
								// to

  // Creation de la requete à partir de la connexion
  Query query = conn.query();
  query << "select BAL_LAT "
        << "from BALISE "
        << "where BAL_PK_NOM_BALISE = '" << arNomBase << "'";
  // execution de la requete
  Result res =;


  if (res.size() > 0) {

  	Row row =;

      double l =;


How do I create the connection to the database ? :

I've got a static class "BdParam", which defines a static Connection (con)

// declaration of the connection
Connection BdParam::con=Connection(use_exceptions);

// method implementing the connection
Connection & BdParam::getConnexion() {

  return BdParam::con;

Is anyone able to notice I made a mistake or not?
Thanks a lot for replying, please.


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Destruction of the Connection failsRieu Nicolas16 Jun
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