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From:Marinus Karel tenNapel Date:May 31 2006 7:48am
Subject:commands out of sync
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I have written a function into my program to delete items from a table.
This table has a auto_increment that is used as primairy key. This
function checks if the deleted numeber happens to be the last number of
the list. If so, it will not only delete the row but also reset the
auto_increment value of the table. This is done to prevent gabs into the
list of numbers.

The problem is that I run into this error:

Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now

Does anybody know why this error shows up?
And more important, how I can fix it?

If someone want to peek into the code, it can easily be downloaded from
my SVN-server: 

svn checkout svn://

The funtion can be found in at line 597
I want to add that this is my first program, so things might look dumb,
sloppy, etc. Be gentle on me ;) And tips are always welcome :)
To compile to source, you need gtkmm and, offcource, mysql++

Thanks a lot anyway :P


commands out of syncMarinus Karel tenNapel31 May
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