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From:Brett Fowle Date:May 18 2006 5:32pm
Subject:MySQL++ con.query() Crash w/Multithreaded Enabled
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I've looked a plethora of places for the current error I'm running into; a few of the
answers touched on one specific method, which I already had enabled -- but I'm still

I have MySQL++ integrated into an OpenGL rendering context, pulling info off a database to
later be rendered; I have Multithreaded Debug DLL (/MDd) enabled in my project, but I'm
still crashing. It runs through all the code, including the con.query(); which seems to be
causing the problem. I've commented out everything past this line, and many before; and
this is the line that, when left in, is causing the crash.

I've debugged, checked the call-stack, done everything in my current knowledge-base that I
could think of, but still to no avail. If anyone has any info, that'd be wonderful.

MySQL++ con.query() Crash w/Multithreaded EnabledBrett Fowle18 May
  • Re: MySQL++ con.query() Crash w/Multithreaded EnabledWarren Young19 May