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From:Carlos Flores Date:April 27 2006 8:19pm
Subject:Re: MinGW, VC8.0 and x86_64 testing
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Warren Young wrote
Carlos Flores wrote:
> the only thing I am concerned is the
> actual accuracy of transformed data from mysql to the library, how
> it is in x64 in contrast with x86, I have read the docs and source code
> many of them are handled with double.

> This is all true.  Is there a question here?

Well I guess that it was written too obscure, but I finally got it, it was a
casting in my code messing with the accuracy on both platforms (static_cast<
unsigned int >(var) int is bigger on x64)

> i will like to add a pkg-config script
> What platform is this for, and what benefit does it provide?

It is a cross platform script, it helps find places where things as headers
and import libraries are, it is as the m4 scrips you provide, the only thing
is that it uses a program called pkg-config, this little program is the same
used to find libraries and headers for packages as gtk, gnome, and it is
widespreading right now. The good thing about it is that can be used with a
macro that it provides when installed, and now a lot of distros are
providing it, it can be used on windows.

About precompiled binaries on win32, I will like to post an installer with
the headers, libraries (both release and debug versions) precompiled, it
will include the m4 scripts and documentation, it will be distributed
unmodified, (source not touched). It will help many problems of a lot of
users (building without modifying sources).
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