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From:Warren Young Date:April 27 2006 8:58am
Subject:Re: MinGW, VC8.0 and x86_64 testing
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Carlos Flores wrote:
> the only thing I am concerned is the
> actual accuracy of transformed data from mysql to the library, how accurate
> it is in x64 in contrast with x86, I have read the docs and source code and
> many of them are handled with double.

This is all true.  Is there a question here?

> I would like to drop a precompiled package for version 2.1.1 for the win32
> platforms above,

I'm not sure what you're asking.  Are you asking if you can provide 
binaries to other people?  If so, you are simply governed by the LGPL: 
if you provide binaries for the library, you have to provide source 
code, too.

> i will like to add a pkg-config script

What platform is this for, and what benefit does it provide?

>  the
> other thing is the rc script for win32, it will allow version control of
> libraries on the client machine, to avoid version conflicts.

Go ahead and send it.  If possible, also send the patches needed to the 
Bakefiles that will ensure that this file is added to the msvc6prj 
target project files.
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