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From:Warren Young Date:April 20 2006 12:19pm
Subject:Re: A couple of questions on 2.1.1
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Jimmy Guo wrote:
> The --enable-thread-check in 2.1.1's is handled too late.
> As a result the ACX_PTHREAD call is a nop in terms of influencing
> MYSQL_API_LOCATION.  Before I submit a patch, is this intentional?

I suspect you're looking for the problem in the wrong place.  That part 
of is the same as it was in v1.7.40.

What _has_ changed recently, though, is Bakefile.  If you look at 
common.bkl in the project root, you'll see that there's no way to set 
THREAD_TYPE to anything but 'single', for the autoconf case.  That needs 
to be fixed.

> Another one is lib/connection.cpp(Connection::Connection(const

Patch away.  Please provide separate patches for each problem, in the 
format requested in the HACKERS file.
Re: A couple of questions on 2.1.1Warren Young20 Apr