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From:Bill K Date:April 17 2006 2:57am
Subject:Retrieving Binary Data
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After trial and error over a few hours, it looks like retrieving binary 
data that contains 0 (null) characters is not possible with mysql++. Is 
this correct?

I am using mysql++ 2.1.1 and MySQL Server 5.0

What I am doing with mysql++ is executing this:
"SELECT pri_key, CAST(message AS BINARY) message FROM blockedmessages;"

The message column is defined as a BLOB in MySQL.

The and return the length of the 
data as if it were a string (terminated by the first occurring null 
character). There seems to be no way with mysql++ to easily access this 
binary data in full.

When I hard code a malloc const char* to the right length of the data, I 
can see that all the binary is actually put into memory, but there is no 
reference provided to access it. You just have to know how long the data 
really is and use a malloc or something.

Am I right, or am I missing something?


- Bill Krahmer

Retrieving Binary DataBill K17 Apr
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