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From:Warren Young Date:April 4 2006 11:57pm
Subject:Re: Building Shared library with mingw
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Carlos Flores wrote:
> Aparently it has something to do with bakefile, 

Not really.  The new link problem in v2.1 was due to not having the -l 
flags in the right order.  Some linkers -- including MinGW's -- care 
about that.  Technically, the problem was introduced with the Bakefile 
change, but it was my fault for not seeing this.

> with those _decspec(dllexport) included, which is evil

Evil has nothing to do with it.  They are _necessary_ for Visual C++, 
and I thought they were necessary for MinGW since GCC supports the syntax.

But this comment of yours made me wonder, what happens if you try to 
build a DLL with the declspecs turned off?  Guess what: it works!  I 
don't know why MinGW's GCC bothers to support this syntax if it doesn't 
do the right thing with it.  Grrrr....

v2.1.1 will appear soon.
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