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From:Carlos Flores Date:April 3 2006 9:12pm
Subject:Re: Building Shared library with mingw
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Warren Young wrote:
> Sigh...I can't even the examples to link to the library statically any
> more.  I've uploaded a version of MySQL++ 2.1.0 with just a few small
> changes that build the library statically.

Aparently it has something to do with bakefile, I actually looked into the
makefiles it generated for mingw, they appear to be the same as the msvc
ones, wich support dll without any patch, so it must build a wrong static
library, (not 'blessed by 'ran' and with those _decspec(dllexport) included,
which is evil

I found a workaround, but it is not so native, i mean you need an ide, but
the good thing is that it inmediatly builds a dll, it is using code::blocks
to import msvc project (can be done from linux (cross-platform), but i will
investigate some more to do it without the ide, maybe make it generate the

> I did some searching about it on the MinGW mailing list, and the sense I
get is that ld -shared is supposed to do everything that dllwrap ever did,
so there is no interest in helping with any problems we may have.

Besides all of it, it appears that in fact all the difference between mingw
ld is some work with --auto-import and --enable-runtime-pseudo-relloc flags,
because i have hand compiled the library, and is everything that i have ever

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