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From:Warren Young Date:March 31 2006 3:54pm
Subject:Re: Building Shared library with mingw
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Carlos Flores wrote:
> I actually found a way to build a shared library, all you have to do is go
> through all thwe process to build a static one, 

Sigh...I can't even the examples to link to the library statically any 
more.  I've uploaded a version of MySQL++ 2.1.0 with just a few small 
changes that build the library statically.  Can you please download this 
and try it?  It is:

('ms' stands for MinGW static.  This will not work on other platforms.)

> then use one of the usefull minngw tools, a2dll

I have three problems with this.  First, a2dll is a Bourne shell script. 
  That means we would have to require either MSYS or Cygwin to be 
installed as well as MinGW.  Second, it isn't part of the base MinGW 
distribution; that's another dependency.  Third, it's basically just a 
wrapper around dllwrap, which is a deprecated tool.  I did some 
searching about it on the MinGW mailing list, and the sense I get is 
that ld -shared is supposed to do everything that dllwrap ever did, so 
there is no interest in helping with any problems we may have.

I don't see why those of you interested in getting MySQL++ to work as a 
DLL under MinGW don't just take it up on the MinGW mailing list.  Show 
them the errors you're getting, point them to the source code, and have 
them work it out.

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