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From:Samuel Borgman Date:March 22 2006 9:48am
Subject:Re: Solaris 10 exceptions problem.
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Thank you for taking the time, much appreciated!

I got it working with the bootstrap script. Now I know to try that in the

It seems libtool(which has yet to prove it worth as more than something
only creating problems) left out alot of important options. (Just using
g++ -shared works perfectly)

One suggestion though is to include a check if the mysqlclient will be
statically or dynamically linked.

On Solaris you need to have all the code in a shared library compiled with
-fPIC (or atleast if some has been) for it to work. And since, for some
unknown to me and strange reason, mysql's binary tarballs only contain a
static client lib it fails. How ever moving -lmysqlclient(_r) to the
application link works.

Much apprecited.

Samuel Borgman
VP Development

NewsMachine Business Intelligence AB
Blekingegatan 42
switch: +46 8 442 03 31
cellphone: +46 708 64 32 72

> Samuel Borgman wrote:
>> I'm having a major problem with exceptions.
> Exceptions seem to be a particular weakness of GCC on Solaris boxen.
> Unfortunately, I don't have one here to play with, so all I'm going on
> is anecdotal evidence I dig up on Google Groups and such.
> If you're trying v2.0.x, install all the autotools and run the bootstrap
> script to get fresh versions of all the scripts like libtool.  If you're
> trying v2.1.x, that shouldn't be necessary, but let me know if that's
> the case.
> Can you provide me with shell access to this Solaris box?
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