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From:Martin Dubuc Date:March 20 2006 3:44pm
Subject:Migration form 1.7.40 to 2.0.7 (Connection::execute)
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I have migrated from 1.7.40 to 2.0.7. I had an issue compiling my code. I was using the
execute member function in the Connection class to perform "FLUSH PRIVILEGES". However,
the execute member function is not available anymore in 1.7.40. I have noticed there is a
reload member function in the Connection class. However, the comments that describe the
reload function states:
        /// Simply wraps \c mysql_reload() in the C API.  Since that
        /// function is deprecated, this one is, too.  The MySQL++
        /// replacement is execute("FLUSH PRIVILEGES").

This seems to suggest that the reload function is a deprecated function and that we'd be
better using the execute("FLUSH PRIVILEGES") function, which isn't available anymore.

Is there something I am missing here?


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Migration form 1.7.40 to 2.0.7 (Connection::execute)Martin Dubuc20 Mar
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