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From:Warren Young Date:March 11 2006 6:02am
Subject:ALPHA RELEASE: v2.1.0alpha4
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- Added Transaction class, and an example to test it.  You need to 
re-run resetdb to make this work.

- Extracted all the C++ equivalents of SQL types from the top of 
type_info.cpp into a new sql_types.h module, and using those types in 
several places throughout the code, where we used to use raw C++ types.

- Replaced the way we were handling the generation of template query 
versions of the many Query member functions with one that lets us change 
the number of parameters as easily as you can the number of member 
variables in an SSQLS.  The new default limit is 25 parameters.

- Connection class does a better job of catching the error of calling 
certain member functions before the connection is established.

- Moved the stock SSQLS definition out of examples/custom*.cpp and into 
a new stock.h header, which the examples use.  Also, #including that 
from the util module just to test the new SSQLS feature allowing you to 
#include such a header from multiple modules without getting a multiple 
static member definition error.

- Plus a whole lot of housekeeping.  In particular, the Bakefiles have 
fewer limitations with respect to the autoconf + automake system used 
for v2.0.

As always, you can download it at
ALPHA RELEASE: v2.1.0alpha4Warren Young11 Mar