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From:Marco A. Ramos Date:March 8 2006 9:12pm
Subject:Instaling MySQL++-2.0.7 on Windows XP with mingw
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Hello every one, I spen much time to install mysql++ to work on mingw, and
this is the way I didÂ’t  hope help some one:

The REAME.mingw file ask to do:

First, you will need to create a MinGW-compatible import

library.  Assuming you installed MySQL in c:\mysql and MySQL++

in c\mysql++, the commands to do this are:

      mkdir c:\mysql\lib\gcc

      cd c:\mysql\lib\gcc

      dlltool -k -d c:\mysql++\libmysqlclient.def -l libmysqlclient.a

But before this I edit the libmysqlclient.def and change:



for this:


Afther that I dedit the file lib\makefile.mingw and change this:


RM=del /q

For this:


#RM=del /q

Afther that I did run makemake mingw and continius as the README file sait
and the instalation and examples compilation was sussefully.

Instaling MySQL++-2.0.7 on Windows XP with mingwMarco A. Ramos8 Mar
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