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From:Warren Young Date:March 6 2006 5:31pm
Subject:Re: ALPHA RELEASE: v2.1.0.alpha3
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Matt Dargavel wrote:
>        Just to let you know that when I applied the SSQLS statics patch 
> on version 2.0.7 and then built it using Visual C++ it didn't like the 
> macro Chris mentions below.  In Visual C I think you have to use the 
> macro __VA_ARGS__.  I've attached the code I've used below in case it's 
> useful.

It turns out that the __VA_ARGS__ syntax is the correct one for all 
compliant compilers.  The named argument form is a GNU extension to cpp, 
but apparently the compiler proper no longer supports that feature. 
It's okay, we don't really need it.

Here's some documentation that covers this issue, for the curious:
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